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1.According to the installation diagram,wrap with the sealing tape around the connection  of the pipe which will be put into a well,and use a short pipe to connect submersible  pump.Then tighten the pressing boards and suspend it on the mouth of the well.


2. Tighten the upper part of the pipe,and suspend it with large rope,connecting the
  pipe,which is already being suspended on the mouth of the well. Loosen and remove the  (lower)pressing boards on the mouth of the well,then slowly put the pump into the
  well,while tie the cable with plastic adhesive tape or plastic rope to the pipe every  2—4 meters.


3.Lower the upper pressing boards until it is stuck on the mouth of the well,loosen the  large rope, and arrange the 2nd pipe in above—mentioned steps until the pump has come to  the predetermined depth. Fasten the safety rope and connect the Joint elbow,draining  pipe,link up the cable with the power of control box.